Social Media Breakfast Madison

24 – Copyright and Intellectual Property with Erin Ogden

#SMBMad Podcast Episode 24: In this episode, Erin Ogden, shares what directed her towards the right side of the law and how she began using her science background to help businesses navigate the ins and outs of intellectual property & copyright law.

As we learn more about Erin we discover that she is of the new business mindset and loves the atmosphere and community that is generated from being able to work in a co-working space, we met at Madworks Coworking, ( )or from anywhere there is a Wifi connection for that matter.

From the get go Erin is a very personable and friendly person who really knows her stuff and gets how easy it is to get lost when it comes to what is right and wrong on the internet. She agrees there is no bells or sirens that are going to go off when you save that cool photo to your desktop, but how you use that photo could lead to very costly repercussions down the road.

From here we learn about the key takeaways from Erin’s upcoming presentation, which is a must for anyone who oversee’s a company’s social media or website.

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