Social Media Breakfast Madison

30 – Social Media Breakfast at #SMMW17 with Heather Heuman & Jocelyn Dornfeld (3/24/17)

Social Media Marketing World is the largest social media conference in the world and while it has many people scurrying about to capture all of the new and exciting ideas pouring into the industry, it is also a place filled with some familiar faces.

Host Shane Cicero gets to connect with none other than past SMBMad Speaker and all around live video pro, Heather Heuman of Sweet Tea Social Marketing and the Madison area’s very own Jocelyn Dornfeld of 365 Marketing.

Heather and Jocelyn share what their 3 big take aways learned during the conference were and you might just be surprised at what they are. As a part of that conversation we dive into the importance of A/B testing your website, how to tell a great story with your brand and why now more than ever you need to get comfortable in front of that video camera.

Of course we also find out what you might hear Heather singing on stage if you ever catch her at the church karaoke night, why Jocelyn does NOT want you to date BOB and why Shane thinks flying in coach may not be the best space to edit a podcast.

To learn more about Heather and how Sweet Tea Social Marketing might be a great fit for your company check her out here:

To Learn more about Jocelyn and how her company 365 Marketing can help your restoration company grow through social go here: