Social Media Breakfast Madison


Hubspot expert George B. Thomas, kicked off Wednesday’s Social Media Breakfast with a jam session, wowing the crowd with his beatboxing skills. George is also a self-described “inbound Jedi” at The Sales Lion.

George dove right in asking the crowd about their knowledge of inbound and content marketing. He said in his work over the years, he’s found that there are two main problems people face when coming up with a plan – the buyer and budget. He illustrated his buyer point with a picture of actor Ed O’Neill, who played shoe guy Al Bundy on the hit show Married with Children.

George then showed a picture of Zappos, an online shoe and clothing shop. George said Zappos changed the game and is now the shoe guy. “They made it so that you can buy them online, get them, try them and send them back. Things are changing. People are more than willing to get anything they need online,” he said.

So how do you build your own inbound marketing machine? “There are many moving parts to an inbound machine. Social media, analytics, SEO, automation, content, lead conversion, lead nurturing. These are all the buzz words about things we should be doing to do a digital business right,” George said.

George asked the crowd if they use WordPress for their websites and received an overwhelming response. He then discussed various tools to use with WordPress sites.

Content, design and development

Visual Composer – Page builder plugin for WordPress. Gives you a lot of functionality and allows you to set up your pages the way you want to set them up. Cost: $34 one-time fee

George said once you get your website set up, you should be measuring everything that’s happening.

Measure your website and consider these tools:

Google Analytics
Slim Stat Analytics

To drive people to your website, George said focus on keywords and keyword questions. Thinking about experiences with Google, Siri and Alexa, people simply ask them a question. George has started coaching his clients on using keyword questions.

Increase website traffic consider these tools:


Your website is looking good, you’re measuring results and you’re bringing people to the website because you’re using keywords. Now, how do you convert those people to leads?

Convert web visitors to leads consider one of these tools:

Inbound Now

George said you have to make your site look good, measure everything and focus on the questions that people are asking. “We need to get them in a position where they convert and then we need to be able to segment those contacts and nurture them down the buyer’s journey into our sales and marketing funnel,” he said.

“Go forth and become an inbound marketing hero and rock out the world!”

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