Social Media Breakfast Madison

roosterSocial Media Breakfast Madison is a non-profit volunteer-run organization with a focus on social media.  At our meetings we focus on networking , caffeine and education all offered for no charge. We welcome an ever-growing group of diverse professionals  from a variety of industries including  academic, non-profit, entrepreneurs, students, trade associations and retail businesses both big and small.

We focus on providing education and sharing information on best practices, strategy, tips, tools and measurement for all aspects of social media across an organization including customer service,  marketing, public relations and sales. We meet monthly on the 3rd Wednesday from 7:30-9:30 a.m. and have a speaker or panel dedicated to sharing focused, rich content every meeting. If you have an idea for good speaker or group of panelists, let us know.

Connect with Us:   (TwitterE-mailFacebook Page and LinkedIn Group).

Board of Directors:

Shane Cicero, President – @shanecicero

Andrew Foxwell, Vice President – @andrewfoxwell

Margie Romani – @MargieRomani

Dan Roe –

Abbe Smith –


Founded: April 2009


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