Social Media Breakfast Madison

Brew had more than one meaning at this Social Media Breakfast hosted by Wisconsin Distributors in Sun Prairie. The following recap was written by Chris Mertes, managing editor of the Sun Prairie Star newspaper.

Social Media Breakfast takes over!

(Et Cetera column in The Star newspaper, May 23, 2013 issue; reprinted with permission) Chris Mertes

Social Media Breakfast Madison, an association of Madison area social media professionals (and wannabes like me) took over Wisconsin Distributors, 900 Progress Way, on May 15.

They heard encouraging words from Michael Bussmann, New Belgium Brewery’s self-proclaimed “Social Networking Nerd” — the one behind the @NewBelgium twitter handle and New Belgium’s Facebook page. Before you start poo-pooing social media as “a waste of time” and “another fad,” remember social media is the way the next generation is communicating. Marketing to that generation is a constant challenge (especially for the dinosauric newspaper industry) so any insight that Bussmann offered was helpful.

Let’s not forget there was an additional incentive: Beer. Certainly my co-workers will be alarmed to note that not only was tasty beer served at the breakfast, but it was also given away by the good folks from New Belgium and Wisconsin Distributors.

They may not be alarmed about me drinking beer (they should be used to that by now), but they most certainly are now wondering why their benevolent managing editor did not bring them a sample back as well.

Alas, thirsty co-workers, but only three bottles and one can were allowed per Social Media Breakfast Madison patron.

That was not the case with the tasty Market Street Diner breakfast sandwiches — one of which found its way to Sports Editor Karl Raymond’s desk.

Although, by now, I’m certain he would much rather have had the New Belgium beer instead.

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