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Brian Klais of Pure Oxygen unlocked some nifty secrets to counter the challenges marketers face in reaching their customers in the fast-paced mobile world.

When we first met, Brian introduced me to the concept of keiretsu, and it wasn’t something on the menu. “The crux of effective marketing strategy with mobile is all about link logic and the interlocking relationship of your links with what is valuable to the search engines” he told me.  Brian related the parallels to keiretsu, a concept from the world of Japanese business that means a set of companies with interlocking business relationships.

“An effective approach to mobile is connecting the different worlds of the web, apps, the physical and the digital, just like the Japanese connect different businesses to be a stronger whole.”

In the new reality of the web which incorporates multiple devices, businesses have to stretch their search engine optimization strategies to the world to be present in the dynamic intersection of mobile, search and social.

The three keys to transcending this complicated matrix are:

  • Dominate Mobile search
  • Connect Web and Apps
  • Link Physical and Digital

Dominate Mobile Search

It’s all about landing on page one, because if you aren’t there, you aren’t anywhere. “The architecture of your website should conditionally redirect and using keyword rich URLs is critical.” We’ve all seen it; those long url’s full of gobbly gook link breadcrumbs that fill up even your cool new IPhone 5 screen. “What you say in your links matters more than anything else” said Brian, “and title tags matter across all platforms.”

Essentially the same rules of good Search Engine Optimization apply to the mobile world, as it is the same bots that are doing the crawling to see if what you have to share is deemed worthy of high page placement.  “Does your link text catch their eye and give information, or is it just one of a million ‘click here’ links?”

Right along with getting them there is keeping them there with strong mobile content. “Relevant page copy is critical to keeping the customer’s attention, and you keep the attention of the search engines with rich tags and H1 copy.” Internally linked content with optimal anchor text says to the bots you are a relevant resource and they will be more apt to index and display your site higher.

Mobile and Facebook

“Social profiles have supermassive link equity.” One of Brian’s best tips was to think about how you link the “F” graphic Facebook icon. “You already link from your desktop site to your Facebook profile. Include your brand name as your link anchor text, instead of the usual “Find us on Facebook.” He suggests using 1-2 keywords in your page title and title tag so Google can crawl your name and get more information.  Pretend you are a bot. What would grab your eye:  Yola’s Coffee Shop or “Yola’s Cafe & Coffee Shop of Madison.” Load your Facebook “About” profile with key words, and link from your other social profiles. This is keiretsu in practice. Build your own coalition where each of your sites has the other’s back, and reinforces one another. Read more about this concept at Brian’s blog:

Get your Apps Ranked #1

It’s no surprise by now that links have power. “App pages have supermassive link equity.” In short here are his tips:

  • Feature brand prominently in app name
  • Avoid linking solely through app icons
  • Link to profile from home page or footer
  • Include brand name in anchor text
  • Cross-promote to mobile users
  • Optimize press releases

Read more:

Local Listings have power too

Claim and optimize business profiles in Google Places/Maps and Bing Maps, and optimize for social networks that provide location info through apps such as  Facebook Places and  Foursquare. Hot on their tail are  Urban Spoon and Yelp so utilize those as well.

Connect the web and your apps

This is deep stuff here, but the essence is, get them to your social page quicker. We’ve all been there, you get invited to a page, and the first thing you hit is the “log in” page. By learning your profiles URL within the app you can link mobile users directly to your page and bypass the log in step. It works, check it out for yourself: Contact Brian for more info on this trick.

Link Physical and Digital

“Make sure you have value-added content that folks can shortcut to.” For instance, a quick link to a how to video, access ratings and reviews, or connecting to maps or directions.

Brian also gave some terrific tips about the best way to utilize the now ubiquitous QR codes.  “Bigger, bolder pixels are better.” He suggests using low density codes that are easier for the phones to read even from further distances. “Compress your urls to less than 30 characters.” Brian has a guide for best practices in this blog article:

It is all about delivering optimal user experience in a mobile world. “Mobile is taking us much farther than we can imagine. The data coming from Google is now overlaid onto our world. When the automobile was introduced our world expanded. Now with mobile, new roads have been paved, and we have the opportunity to embrace it.”

Access Brian’s presentation slides “Mobiles’ Brave New World for Social Marketers” and the links he mentioned:

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